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AfterSchool Massacre

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Frolic Pictures, in Hollywood, has wrapped principal photography on their latest picture, a slasher-comedy.

After School Massacre AKA Teachers’ Day

This picture is being brought to the screen by new wave writer/director Jared Masters.

A 12th grade European History educator, Ty Anderson, whose minor online communication with a teasing student finds him immediately terminated from school grounds, snaps him into a psychotic killing spree, terrorizing his former female students at their slumber party.




The film stars Nikole Howell, Savannah Matlow, Danika GalindoLindsay Lamb, and Courtney Rood, with Art Roberts, and Dawna Lee Heising.



Author Stephanie Campbell turns Teachers’ Day into paperback novel






Dawna Lee Heising wins Best Actress for Teachers’ Day at Mockfest 2014.





“This throwback to old school low budget slasher films has a lot of moments that made me smile … there are some great moments of gleefully gory and carnage laden scenes … had me out of my chair laughing at how outrageous it was … it does do slumber party horror with a wink, a nod, and a slash to fans who like low fi horror.”

Ambush Bug, Ain’t It Cool News

“The performances are solid with everyone…. From its clever opening credits sequence to its final frame–It’s pretty clear that the folks behind the film have watched a lot of horror films from 30 years ago. Rather than the PG-13 watered down stuff that permeates the genre’s fare of today…Teachers’ Day has all of the things that were considered staples back then.”

Thomas Lobascio, The Last Reel

“…An energetic and often wildly creative spin on the classic body count formula. If you thought the slasher movie was dead (again), watch out for this one…. It’s about time someone came up with a different holiday as a backdrop for a psycho killer, and this one fits the bill perfectly.”

Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

“…It works and it works well…. There’s no padding here, just solid storytelling, a good sense of humor and some nicely shot scenes of beautiful young women… Clever camera work, a fun soundtrack (including a ridiculous rap number) and a knowing sense of self awareness that thankfully never lays it on too thick help to ensure that this one is a lot of fun to watch…. Teacher’s Day is a solid slice of indy horror comedy.

Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!

“Teachers’ Day is an incredibly fun film, and enjoyable to watch. Jared Lee Masters has a real eye for beauty…. Masters’ films have a unique look to them that is immediately recognizable. He is definitely a director whose career I will be following”

Jonathan Weichsel, More Horror

“The cast was phenomenal, well shot … The kills are unique…. Well worth a watch, Jared Masters; you’ve done it again brother. 8.5 out of 10. I love films just like these.”

Gruesome Hertzogg,




In 1980 you may have been pleasantly mortified by Charles Kaufman’s Mother’s Day. In 1993 people everywhere were mesmerized by a simple weatherman who finds himself living the same day over and over again in Harold Ramis’ Groundhog Day. In 1996, July 4th was given a new name in terror when aliens invaded the U.S. in Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day. In 2010 you may have cuddled up to Garry Marshall’s romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, or checked out Chris LaMartina’s President’s Day. In 2013, and for every year after, you will associate the holiday that falls annually on May 7th with the horrors, humor, and startling imagery of a high school educator gone mad in Jared MastersTeachers’ Day, a shocking, unexpected to-be hit holiday movie.

It was on May 7th, 2013, on Teachers’ Day, nationwide, that Frolic Pictures announced wrapping principle photography on its latest feature; Teachers’ Day (most of the shots were completed on May 1st, but director Jared Masters wanted to wait until it was actually Teachers’ Day to wrap, not only because it was good press, but mostly because he wanted genuine Teachers’ Day marquee footage of actual high schools in the Los Angeles area, but his lawyer is advising him not to use the footage, because it may put the certain school in a negative light, considering the nature of the film, and it’s already such a sensitive subject with all the news lately).

But the good news is; Danika Galindo is in this movie, and after you witness the sheer awestruck, jaw-dropping beauty of the secret pearl of Simi Valley, it will be hard to imagine watching another film without her. Teachers’ Day also happens to be her birthday, which makes sense considering her attributes make up for the perfect Teacher’s Pet.

Groove mongrel Nikole Howell is also in this movie, with wits she could can and sell, and mannequins they should be making molds after. Mr. Masters introduces the latest of lovelies Savannah Matlow, a girl who brings not only butter milk biscuits of buxom beauty to the screen, but also pours on the saw-mill gravy of Grande theatrical proportions, in a demanding, action-packed leading role. You can expect Lindsay Lamb to refine what you may call an above-average cinematic experience, as she somehow never misses a beat, with both her scene-stealing performance and startlingly desirable derriere.

Charismatic heart throb-action-hero hybrid Bruce Kade may or may not just dunk Courtney Rood’s character to death in an apple bobbing homicide scene, just one of the many ground breaking original kills that will scar your emotion tissue when you see this movie. Yasmine Soofi plays the ideal teen dream, the only girl who shot one day and is still considered a core, a key player, in this not-to-be missed, privilege of a motion picture.

The marketing department at Frolic Pictures, in Hollywood, has been having a challenging experience coming up with new ideas to market this new film, not that they are short on near-future gimmicks (which include the highly anticipated hip hop phenomena Fruit on My Belly single and music video, by Nikole Howell and white, west coast rapper, Sean G. AKA Sean Gibson, who is also the sound mixer, composer, and line producer on this magnificent, roller-coaster of emotions, to be birthed into this digital age, and deliciously registered into the central nervous system of your medulla oblongata). You don’t want to be the only one at the party who hasn’t seen Teachers’ Day, so see Teachers’ Day, coming soon!








Once every six or seven years; a motion picture is made that leaves you tingling from amazement, tickled by humor, tantalized by sensationalism, tormented by horror, and tranquilized by fear. The film that’s adding up this time: Teachers’ Day. Viewers will be instantly immersed into a world of hot pink, ring-pop terror, a rekindling of the sugarcoated adolescence you never had, because your parents were going through a messy divorce (and you were a nasty little rebel).  Teachers’ Day is an American made slasher-comedy, conceived in the swamps of predictable director Jared Lee Masters’ sordid mind. A crock-pot of comedic characters. Camp … with class.

Mr. Bruce Kade has embodied the demanding role of the Teachers’ Day villain; the bloodthirsty Mr. Anderson, a high school history educator, gone wrong. Why does he snap, and set out to slaughter silly schoolgirls at their slumber party? Is it a complicated plot for revenge, or a senseless, chaotic killing-spree? Kade brings an intensity to the performance with such realism, such force, that even the actresses on set are scared to film with him, as much as you’ll be scared, when you witness this once in a lifetime shockwave of a motion picture.

The experience is also elevated by the effervescent Savannah Matlow, as Jess, a 17-year-old hottie who’s inner desires are compromised by her prudish image. Danika Galindo, the feline who’s beautiful in any light, and spectacular from any angle, with a charm that she could really abuse if she wanted to, takes on the role of Steph, a simple sweet heart, caught between lost inhibitions and budding immaturity. Nikole Howell was cast as Devon, because the character description called for one specific thing: a dream. She’s also responsible for sowing the new hip-hop single by Sean G. “Fruit on My Belly” released by Gold Mag Enterprise, which features Howell on the track. Lindsay Lamb plays Laura not only because she wears pajamas well, but also for the simple fact that the film needed a character that was as convincingly feisty as she was discreet. If goodness came in the form of a pill it would have to be a capsule big enough to fit the likes of Yasmine Soofi, a teenage tempest, who takes on the role of Alex, a spoiled sex kitten, conniving her latch-on lover, Luke, played by newbie gem Andrew PhillipsCourtney Rood controls the fundamentals of nubile psychology, in the role of Erin, a darn good example of the whimsical, suburban gal. Too bad they’ll all be helplessly terrorized in Teachers’ Day, which premieres in Hollywood on Friday, December 13, 2013, thanks to Frolic Pictures and Dismal Productions.

Frolic Pictures Presents… The film you’ve been waiting for; a tawdry mix of a sinister slasher, with a double dose of comedic camp, coupled with Hollywood’s grade A soon-to-be Scream Queens (for now we’ll call them princesses).

What better holiday than Teachers’ Day for a jilted high school educator to snap and go on a pointless killing spree, plucking off young lovelies one-by-one at their slumber party, where no boys are allowed.

Unstoppable writer/director Jared Masters admits that out of the five features he’s shot, this one’s the most fun he’s ever had, thanks to an amazing all-star teen cast compiled of the sensational Savannah Matlow, the alluring Nikole Howell, the All-American Courtney Rood, the epitome of grace and poise Danika Galindo, the girl you’d love to meet Lindsay Lamb, and the angel in disguise Abby Summers.

The film also stars the strikingly handsome Bruce Kade, as Mr. Anderson, and the beautiful boy wonder Andrew Phillips, as Luke Dalton, the jock you love to hate.

The movie also offers the veteran thespian Art Roberts, glamor queen Dawna Lee Heising, foxy Julia Faye West, celebrity cop Steve Crest and the stunning, highly-sought after Mindy Robinson.


INTERVIEW with Director JARED MASTERS, Actress DAWNA LEE HEISING, &  composer SEAN G. on ActorsE Live Chat Show: