Grindhouse Series Mar14

Grindhouse Series

Bring the drive-in home, with Frolic’s vast array of double feature DVDs! Hand-selected by horror director Jared Masters.           What customers are saying: “I saw this movie around 40 years ago but I couldn’t remember the title so I had to go through all the vampire movies made...

Quartz Vein Aug26

Quartz Vein

A prospector in the year 2047 must rescue a girl enslaved by a mutant race of gold-injecting vampire. Coming Summer 2021. QUARTZ VEIN      

Ballet of Blood Mar27

Ballet of Blood

Two distraught ballerinas plan a gruesome attack on the other dancers at the prestigious ballet school that mistreated them. Ballet of Blood   STREAM NOW     Ballet of Blood wins Audience Choice Award (for day 3) of the RIP International Horror Film Festival. It was also...

Slink Apr21


A psycho tanning salon owner is responsible for many missing girls, while his wife, a purse designer, has an evil secret too. Slink A horror/thriller, written & directed by Jared Masters The film stars Danika Galindo, Julia Faye West, Art Roberts, and Dawna Lee Heising with Anthony Del...

AfterSchool Massacre Nov04

AfterSchool Massacre

A fired educator snaps and goes on a merciless killing spree, terrorizing his former female students at their slumber party.   STREAM NOW   After School Massacre AKA Teachers’ Day Written & directed by Jared Masters. The film stars Nikole Howell, Savannah Matlow, Danika...

8 Reels of Sewage Nov04

8 Reels of Sewage

Adult film editor, Belinda Brimhouse, quits working for her perverted boss, and tries to produce a movie on her own. Written & directed by Jared Masters 8 Reels of Sewage     STREAM NOW   On the cusp of 1970, adult film editor Belinda Brimhouse (Jacqueline Guzman) is exhausted with the...

Amethyst Jul15


  A girl consumes a vial of LSD and succumbs to a bizarre fantasy world, with strange beings and a magical obelisk. Amethyst   STREAM     Written and directed by Jared Masters Stars Grace Klich, Valerie Miller  Semi-Finalist  UHD 4K Film Festival in South Korea What critics are saying…...

Club Lingerie Jul01

Club Lingerie

In order to revamp her failing nightclub, Renae hires lingerie models, which attract more customers, but also a killer.   Written & directed by Jared Masters   Club Lingerie   STREAM           The newest feature film from Frolic Pictures, Club...

Agalmatophilia Jul15


  Jared Masters stars as a lonely desk clerk, that falls deeply in love with his secretary, who happens to be a mannequin. Written & directed by Jared Masters Agalmatophilia     STREAM   Agalmatophilia (pronounced A-GAL-MATTO-PHILIA, is a paraphilia involving sexual attraction to a...

Deadly Punkettes May29

Deadly Punkettes

  The ghost of a former lead singer, in an all-girl band, returns to haunt her double, who takes credit for her songs. Deadly Punkettes Written & directed by Jared Masters HOT & COLD CUTS AVAILABLE ON DVD     STREAM   Punkettes win “Festival Favorite” at Galactic Film...

Absolute Vow Oct23

Absolute Vow

  In One Thousand BC, a virgin and her friends venture into the hills, to grieve and ponder the grim fate that awaits her. Absolute Vow Written & directed by Jared Masters       STREAM   WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING: “Ambitious … Biblical ode…. I have to admire the scope of...

Climb It, Tarzan! Jan08

Climb It, Tarzan!

  In the dawn of the men’s magazine era, a 1960s lesbian pin-up photographer tries to corrupt and abduct her models. Climb It, Tarzan! Also known as… The Pleasure Girl Gang Written & directed by Jared Masters Aspiring glamour model Ginger learns the only available photo assignments...

Big Hair Long Lashes Sep12

Big Hair Long Lashes

  The true story of seven beautiful 1960’s call girls, taken from the sordid accounts of a famous Hollywood sex therapist. Written & directed by Jared Masters Big Hair, Long Lashes     STREAM   From the tortured mind of the unethical director that brought you 8 Reels of Sewage,...

Mondo Psychedelia Jul23

Mondo Psychedelia

    Stimulating visuals fused with the beauty of the female form. Curated and brought to life by the Prince of Horror Erotica. Mondo Psychedelia Also known as . . . Psychedelic Nudes   BUY DVD       A new kind of audio/visual experience from visionary director, Jared Masters, but this time...

Hollywood A GoGo Apr21

Hollywood A GoGo

  A new film about a wayout craze! A full-length, non-stop, gogo girl bonanza, featuring Tinseltown’s grooviest dancers! Hollywood A GoGo Written & directed by Jared Masters     STREAM      

Thoughts are All You Have Jan12

Thoughts are All You...

The 5th book from director Jared Masters explores his roots, passions, love affairs, secret knowledge, wild tales and more. Thoughts Are All You Have The Prince of Horror Erotica, AKA the Sultan of Sensationalism, the multi-award winning horror director has pulled another rabbit out of his...

Cinematic Equation Oct09

Cinematic Equation

Discover the new secret knowledge of indie filmmaking now and learn how to make a living making your movies. Uncover the tried and true methods, and the delicate art of the craft. The Cinematic Equation Profitable Filmmaking for the Hollywood Independent By Jared Masters Get a grasp on...

The Short Films Oct30

The Short Films

  The Short Films of Jared Masters    

Company Profile Mar10

Company Profile

Frolic Pictures is a full-service distribution and production company located in Hollywood, California. Founded in 2010. They specialize in independent feature film production.     Jared Masters, President Jared Lee Masters (born August 7, 1986) is an American independent motion...