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Venice Beach

Venice Beach Poster colored LRG

Frolic Pictures releases lost film Venice Beach

Finally! Available for the first time! Venice Beach! The film that made Venice what it is today, with few people knowing it. Yes, this motion picture takes credit for shaping the bohemian carnival of a midway most tourists call a boardwalk. This film is a must see, beach goer or not! You will laugh! You will love (the characters) and you will want to pack your beach bag with sandals and soda pop after you see… Venice Beach.

Originally shot in the magical summer of 1981! Considered lost by film historians, has suddenly resurfaced this year when the daring young cinematic pioneer Jared Masters happened to be scouting New Haven, Connecticut for his upcoming horror film, Ballerina Massacre, when he stumbled upon a vault in the cellar of a crematory and once part-time film lab.

Of the many deteriorating films, Venice Beach was the only one intact and playable. And its charms, story, and message holds strong today, perhaps it was meant for the now, and here it is, digitally restored from the original elements, re-mastered for the mass audiences of today. You may not get a sun burned, but you will get a sun-kissed tan from watching it, rated the number one revived retro horror comedy of the year. Critics are calling Venice Beach… “Irresistibly Funny” … “I watched it and then I watched it again with my kids” … “You may now understand what your parents idea of a good time was” … “Worth a watch for Bouvier’s beauty alone” … “You’ll never see bag ladies look so good” and “As soon as the plot went away, it came back again.”

If you think you’ve seen a good beach movie, think again! This film is now available from Frolic Pictures. Add it to your movie collection and wow your friends with its absurdity and wits galore!


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